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Personal Injury

Personal Injury, Premises Negligence

If you were injured on another’s property and the property owner failed to warn you of the possible hazard, the owner may be found negligent and liable. Premise liability lawsuits encompass a wide range of accidents, but “slip and fall” cases are the most common.

This type of injury can occur on private or public property and can be caused by uneven or cracked sidewalks, poorly lit pathways, slippery or unbalanced floors, potholes, ripped carpet or rugs, and even bad weather.


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Pre-Resolution Funding – an option for you

Pre-resolution funding is a financial product that is provided to plaintiffs with a personal injury claim in certain circumstances. Pre-resolution funding is sometimes referred to as consumer legal funding and, depending on your state, is either provided as an option under a purchase agreement, in which the plaintiff sells a portion of their potential legal settlement.

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