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Pre-Resolution Funding

Start your approval process now, and get the money you need in 24 hours or less, with no credit check!

How We Help

Litigation Funding, or pre-resolution funding, is access to money you can use to alleviate any financial burden while your case settles. It can’t be used to fund your legal claims but, it can and should be used for daily expenses, bills, and living costs.

Start the approval process now to get the money you need!

  • No Application Fee
  • No Credit Check
  • Get $1,000 to $500,000+ before your case settles
  • Fast Approval in 24 hrs or less
  • No risk – If you lose your case then you owe us nothing! Only pay us back from your settlement
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What Is Pre-Resolution Funding?

If you need money to help make ends meet while your lawsuit is pending, settlement funding could help. Put in its simplest terms, settlement funding is one form of financing available to plaintiffs in some civil lawsuits. Funding can be secured anytime, this type of financial assistance is only available while a case is pending.

This may be a viable option for you if:

  • You were injured in an incident caused by someone else
  • You hired a lawyer and sued the responsible party; and
  • You need money to cover living expenses and/or medical costs while your case is pending.
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Simple Application

Use our online form or call today to get started. There’s no cost, and our application process is simple.

Fast Approval

Approved in 24 hours or less with no credit check!

Receive Your Funds

Review and return your signed agreement. Money for Lawsuit Funding works with your attorney and we’re paid when your case settles.

Cases We Fund

Our experienced team works to get you fast and fair pre-resolution funding for a wide variety of legal cases.



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Our lawsuit settlement funding helps put you back in command of your finances, your responsibilities, and your life.
Money for Lawsuit Funding provides the safe secure funding you can count on.